DIY Plumbing: Unclogging A Toilet And Other Plumbing Issues You Can Fix at Home

Although some plumbing jobs are too big to handle on your own, there are plenty of everyday situations, like unclogging a toilet, that you should be ready for. Reddi Services offers these DIY tips to clear clogs, fix leaks, and solve other common problems.

Dealing With a Clogged Toilet

Having a clogged toilet does not always have to result in a service call. Try the following first before making a call:

  • If water is leaking directly into the bowl, check to make sure the rubber flapper in the toilet tank is closing completely. If you need to temporarily stop the water flow, you can look near the base of your toilet for a knob that controls the water supply.
  • Determine whether your clog is being caused by a decomposable organic object, or a foreign object such as a children’s toy.
  • Use a plunger by creating a seal over the hole at the bottom of the bowl, making sure not to mistakenly place the plunger inside the hole. Make sure water is covering the top of the plunger and try to pump it for a minute or two. A common mistake is stopping plunging too soon, so have some patience.
  • If you can identify the matter as being organic, bring a pot or pitcher of water to a warm heat, avoiding bringing the water to a boil. Pour half of a box of baking soda into the bowl followed by an equal amount of vinegar. Add in your hot water and let it stand for a few hours before trying to flush again. Leaving your mixture overnight is recommended for the best results – if you have no vinegar or baking soda, you can also use dish soap or shampoo along with the hot water.
  • If you still are having issues with a clogged drain, or have identified the a clog resulting from a foreign object, then you may want to try using a straightened wire hanger. Be sure to protect the porcelain of your toilet by wrapping the end in a soft material like tape or a cloth before sticking it into your toilet bowl. Use it just like a plumbing snake to try and break the clog up; feed inside until you feel the blockage, then twist and push to try and clear it.

If the results of unclogging a toilet are unsuccessful, Reddi Services is here to assist you. We specialize in all manners of drainage clogs and backups, and will be sure to have your system cleaned and running again quickly!