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Toilet Repair

A noisy toilet that constantly runs, is slow to fill, or won’t flush completely or at all is more than just bothersome. Poorly functioning toilets waste tremendous amounts of water (not to mention money) and can embarrass you or your guests. There are a few simple do it yourself (DIY) Toilet Repair ideas we recommend attempting, but if they fail Reddi Services is prepared and ready to step in to make any needed adjustments, repairs, or even replacements.


When the time comes to replace a toilet, calling a professional is the best choice. Selecting an appropriate model and installing a new toilet is more complicated than fitting a new wax ring and bolting it to the floor. There are measurements to be made, analysis of property use, removal of the old toilet and any seals and debris, leveling the new fixture, properly sealing and bolting it, and reconnecting the water supply to consider. An experienced Reddi Services plumber knows the pitfalls of toilet installation and knows how to avoid costly mistakes. Additionally, our plumbers can make simple recommendations to keep your toilet in good working order.

Simple Do-It-Yourself Ideas:

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