Sewer Camera Services

Video Inspections Eliminate Guesswork

During a Sewer Camera Service Inspection, a Reddi Services certified technician threads a high-resolution camera fitted to flexible fiber-optic cable into drains, pipes, and sewer lines.

The waterproof camera sends real-time video feed to the technician who is actively looking for any signs of damage — corrosion, invasive tree roots seeking water and nutrients, misaligned pipes, and joint leaks are just a few of the typical issues discovered during Sewer Camera Services. These images are all captured and saved in a permanent video recording. Video inspections save time and money by allowing for detailed inspection of pipe and sewer line conditions without costly excavation, and provide visual confirmation of trouble spots. Should a repair or replacement be necessary, the camera helps to accurately determine depth and location for precise excavation with minimal cost and mess. An added bonus is the post-treatment visual verification of cleared pipes and sewer lines.

Sewer Camera Services

Reddi Services is always ready to help you maintain the behind-the-scenes function of your home.

We strongly recommend regular maintenance and cleaning of the hidden pipes and lines throughout your plumbing system. Video inspection of suspect lines is employed to catch potential problems long before costly damage occurs. Reddi Services is always ready to take a look. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment for a Reddi Services technician to come out to your home.

Advantages of Using REDDI Services for Sewer Camera Services:

Reddi Services Sewer Camera Services can detect the following: