Septic Repair

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Septic Tank Cleaning, Install/Removal, and Repairs.

During a routine inspection, or prior to pumping, Reddi Services technicians will check for leaks and water backups throughout the septic system.

Proper function of the system, as well as the sludge and scum level in the tank, will be assessed during Septic Tank Cleaning. At that point, a pumping schedule can be recommended. Pumping schedules depend on several factors, including: number of people in the home, the amount of waste water being produced, and the volume of solids in the system — even the amount of use of a garbage disposal can impact the waste being processed by the septic tank. On average, a septic tank will need to be pumped every 2-5 years.

Reddi Services is a full-service septic system service provider. In addition to emergency service, we offer enzyme treatments, backhoe services, septic tank pumping & waste removal, drain field troubleshooting, hydrojet cleaning, and we have full excavation capabilities. Reddi Services can repair or replace every size. If a replacement system is in order, a new septic system will be designed and sized to correctly fit your home’s needs. Installations meet state and local guidelines.

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