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Re-pipe and Remodel Opportunities

Is your kitchen or bathroom in need of remodeling or updated?

The two rooms where your family spends most of its time are the kitchen and the bathroom, and both occasionally need to be updated or remodeled. It’s exciting to make changes, both big and small, but it can also be overwhelming without guidance. Our expert staff at Reddi Services will guide you through the remodeling process, help you evaluate what changes are best for your budget and living space, and keep your project (and your pipes) flowing smoothly.

Both re-piping and remodeling projects require some creative planning to deal with temporary interruptions to your daily living activities. Hand-washing dishes or using a bathroom on another floor of the home are minor inconveniences, but the end results will be worth it all. Reddi Services maximizes on-site work time and strives to get your household put back together quickly.


Reddi Services’ Re-piping Options

Your plumbing system is in constant use and is designed to stand the test of time, but eventually signs of breakdown appear. Water damage in walls and floors, discolored water at the tap, and weak water pressure are all indications that a problem is lurking. Older homes with their original plumbing (over 50 years old) definitely should undergo a thorough plumbing inspection, but newer homes can have issues as well. Routine inspection and prompt repairs are the first line of defense for any homeowner.

In the case of weak water pressure, the big concern is blockage due to built-up rust and corrosion in galvanized pipes. In some instances, small sections of pipe can be replaced, but this is still a temporary solution. When small repairs are no longer the answer, the entire plumbing system will need to be replaced. The technicians at Reddi Services will always make recommendations based on best practice and have your long-term bottom line in mind.


Whether you’re facing a plumbing system replacement or just want to update your home, remodeling is the perfect opportunity to make big changes. Plumbing replacements and upgrades are ideal during a remodel – everything is accessible, pipes can be relocated, sinks can be replaced, and new shower fixtures and toilets can be installed. Talk to the experts at Reddi Services about correcting any plumbing issues, increasing efficiency to lower your utility bills, and creating your ideal living space. This is the time to make your wish list and really transform your home into the modern, comfortable, personal space it is meant to be.

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