Hydro Excavating

Hydro Excavating Services are Safer, Faster, Cleaner and More Precise

Hydro Excavating

We offer full service excavation capabilities, both traditional backhoe & hand digging and hydro excavation. Often, hydro excavating is safer, faster, cleaner and more precise than traditional excavation and digging methods in certain situations. A Reddi Services expert technician will evaluate the scope of work, the area in question, and other relevant details to decide if hydro excavation or a conventional method is right for the job.

Hydro Jetting

Video inspection may reveal difficult to budge blockages in pipes and sewer lines that standard equipment just can’t tackle effectively. In these cases the use of hydro jetting is optimal to clear grease, scale, roots, and mineral deposits and scour drains, pipes, catch basins and sewer mainlines to nearly new condition. With routine use, hydro jet scouring prevents obstructions and buildup and preserves the integrity of the lines.

Reddi Services Hydro Jetting

Advantages of Hydro Jetting & Excavation:

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