Grease Trap Cleaning

Expert Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning and Maintenance

Hospitality, food service, and other commercial industries depend on Reddi Services

These industries rely on Reddi Services to keep up to date with municipal and state regulations regarding grease trap cleaning. We offer top-notch emergency services 24/7, but recommend routine, expert maintenance to avoid such situations from happening in the first place. Grease traps are actually the smaller collection units located near the kitchen sinks or in the floor, whereas grease interceptors are larger and located outside with manhole access. Both systems are commonly lumped under the term “grease traps” — we service them all, regardless of size. The traps effectively prevent fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from entering and clogging sewer lines and avoids overload of waste water treatment facilities. FOG waste decreases water treatment efficiency and increases costs for the entire community served.

Food Service & Hospitality Industries Served:

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Regular Grease Trap Maintenance

Similar in mechanical function to septic tanks, grease traps collect liquid waste.

Grease traps need regular maintenance to function properly and avoid failure. This includes a regular pumping and disposal schedule, periodic inspection and cleaning, and occasional repair or replacement. Proper trap function also prevents backups and damage to interior plumbing structures. A certified liquid waste removal service is required to meet local and state cleaning guidelines. Frequency of pumping and cleaning depends on regulations and the size of the trap, ranging anywhere from biweekly to quarterly. Reddi Services can recommend an appropriate service schedule after an initial consultation or service call.

Ignoring regular maintenance causes costly backups and health hazards, and can even result in a business shutdown and loss of patrons. Our service includes full inspection and cleaning of trap systems, noting any warning signs of decreased function or corrosion, and a service and maintenance plan proposal. Reddi Services is ready to be your partner in waste operations management.

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