Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation

Has your garbage disposal stopped working? Do you need a repair or a new unit?

In-sink garbage disposals are simple, but powerful, tools and have become indispensable in today’s kitchens. Though they vary in size and power, they all work to quickly pulverize small food scraps and wash them away without clogging the drain pipes. These helpful machines are used daily in Kansas City kitchens and save countless hours of cleaning every week.

Unfortunately, even the best tools will quickly wear out or function poorly if they are not used as designed. Occasionally a small object or the wrong sort of scrap will fall into the unit. If your garbage disposal suddenly stops working, there are few things you can do on your own. First disconnect the unit from its power source, then check to see if there’s an easily removed object jamming the blade — please use caution. If there is no obstruction, check the circuit breaker and reconnect the power source. Should the disposal still not function, don’t hesitate to call in a Reddi Services Garbage Disposal Service Professional to assess the situation. It may be time to replace the unit with a newer, more powerful disposal. We’ll install it and have your kitchen running smoothly in no time.

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Items that should never go into your disposal:

  • bones
  • metal
  • stringy foods
  • starchy foods
  • fruit pits
  • seeds
  • grease or melted fat
  • coffee grounds

Reddi Services Is Here For Your Disposal Needs

Call Reddi Services if you are experiencing any issues with your disposal.

Reddi Services is a full service plumbing company serving the Kansas City area. Our goal is to simplify the lives of our customers through friendly, professional repair and installation services. We strongly recommend preventative maintenance for all plumbing related appliances and systems including Garbage Disposal Service.

Helpful Tips:

  • No solid objects
  • No celery, carrots, vegetable peels, or other stringy/starchy foods
  • Use strong stream of water during operation
  • Keep water running for 30-60 seconds after shutting disposal off
  • No chemical cleaners

Common garbage disposal issues:

  • Your Content Goes Here
  • Ruined drywall
  • Mold & bacteria growth
  • Ruined flooring
  • Damaged furniture & electronics
  • Destroyed home office & Paperwork
  • Structural damage