Floor Drain Cleaning

Floor Drains are Located in Easily Flooded Areas

Reddi Services specializes in floor drain cleaning.

With sloping floors and a straining guard in place, floor drains remove standing water and prevent flooding. Contact us for floor drain cleaning.

Bathrooms, patios, driveways, garages, exterior basement stairways, basements, laundry & utility rooms are all likely to have floor drains which need floor drain cleaning. Occasionally rain gutters are installed in or near exterior drains where they can dump debris into the line and cause a blockage. Due to their use in high traffic, debris-prone areas, all floor drains should be tested regularly (every 6 months) and kept free of dust, leaves, and other debris. It is normal for some water to remain in the drain trap to keep sewer odors and gases from escaping.

Reddi Services offers comprehensive plumbing services, including floor drain cleaning, floor drain inspection and floor drain maintenance. Our skilled plumbing technicians are fully equipped to troubleshoot and address floor drain issues and recommend regular service to prevent future clogs, backups, and flooding.

Drain Cleaning is a recommended service to prevent clogs, backups or flooding. If you are having any trouble with your floor drain call Reddi Services today at (913) 553-4542.

floor drain cleaning

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