Car Wash Traps

Poorly Maintained Wash Traps Can Cause Flooding

Car wash traps & pits collect dirt, grime, grit, and residues in the waste water runoff produced by car cleaning equipment.

Large tanks in the wash bay floor collect the stubborn sludge and require certified, code-compliant professional cleaning. Reddi Services provides cost effective, reliable cleaning and maintenance services to commercial and industrial car wash traps of varying sizes.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, such as a hyrdro jet and vacuum extraction, a Reddi Services technician employs a cleaning process similar to that used to clean catch basins, septic tanks, and grease traps. The sludge and sediments are removed from the trap, hauled off-site, and disposed of at an appropriate facility. Reddi Services is certified in the removal and disposal of non-hazardous waste.

Regular maintenance, inspection, and cleaning prevents flooding, costly repairs, and emergencies.

24-hour emergency services are available, but there is no substitute for scheduled cleaning. Poorly maintained wash traps can cause flooding — in fact, your business could be held liable for flood damage to other properties and businesses. We recommend semi-annual or quarterly service, but can make the best recommendation after assessing the actual volume of sediments during the initial consultation or service call. Routine cleaning is planned to minimize disruption of your normal business operations.

Reddi Services offers a wide range of industrial and commercial services, in addition to regular maintenance of carwash traps. Our full service options include excavations, repairs and installation, all manner of plumbing services, and non-hazardous waste water removal. Reddi Services is ready, with certified technicians and state-of-the-art equipment, to handle your commercial or industrial maintenance and waste needs.

What Reddi Services Offers: