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A sewer drain clog can be hazardous to the house and the people in it. The clog will clog the pipe, giving no drainage allowance to the water and waste in the system. The water may back up from the toilet bowl, posing a severe threat to anyone who gets in contact. It is critical that you avoid using the affected water system to clear out any issues. Do not use the toilet, bathroom, or the washing machine until one of Thousand Oaks Plumbing technicians has a prompt response.

The following signs will help you identify any clogged sewer drainages in time to prevent further damage.

Signs of a clogged sewer

Multiple clogs  

The first culprit of a clogged sewer is the toilet. The toilet system has a direct connection to the main drain, hence will fill up with water and waste after flushing. The next places that will help you confirm the sewer’s blockage are the bathroom and bathtub.

A leaking sewer clean out

The cleanout connects the house’s system to the main external drain. You will find it outside the house or in the basement. It has a round or rectangular cap. Leakage means that the house’s system has possible clogging and is exerting pressure to the external pipe system.

Visible sewage

A clog in the main sewer will deposit excess waste in the pipes, leaving no room for flow. The wastewater will eventually force its way out through alternative spaces such as the floor drain. There could also be significant undrained water in the bathroom after flushing the toilet. A running washing machine could also cause a buildup of water from the drainage holes of sinks and toilets.

When should you seek the professional drain service in Simi Valley? Signs of a possible leak in the drain sewer requires that you enroll the functions of our technicians with prompt action. We offer the following services to ease the clog and revive your usual mode of operation.

How to unclog drain sewers

  • Inspection to determine the specific location of the block. Our technicians will give you a detailed report to help you decide on the next course of action.
  • We advise that you invest in quality pipes and draining equipment to prevent future complications. Our technicians will replace broken and old drain lines. We have the knowledge and experience to replace drain lines in any part of the house or compound with minimum interference to the other part of the system.
  • Replacing the entire drainage systems prevents recurrent blocks. Talk to us to get assistance from a technician with specialized drain service in Simi Valley.
  • Chemical administration dissolves clog at the tree root. It is convenient for small blockages and will not make a significant difference in the main sewers.
  • Thousand Oaks Plumbing uses simple drainage solutions such as high-pressure water to clean out debris in small areas such as the main sewer or the branch lines. The technician will insert the power hose into the affected pipe, to administer highly pressurized water at a pressure of at least 4000 psi. A power hose will usually have an attached brush to remove a buildup of grease.





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