HVAC System Maintenance: Change Your Filter!

One of the keys to keeping the heat out of your home is through the proper maintenance of your HVAC system! Learn to change your filter, why it’s important, and how to be ready for the heat when it hits.


Why Change Your Air Filter?

To start with, HVAC stands for “heating, ventilation, and air conditioning” and works to pull in air, which is either heated or cooled, then redistributed through your house via ventilation. Understanding how your HVAC system works is important – the job of your HVAC filter is to filter out any allergens, pet hair, dirt, and debris, keeping them out of the insides of your HVAC system. Keeping your HVAC filter regularly maintained will not only save you money, but also extend the life of your system.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

You Will Save Money!

If your filter has not been changed recently, then there’s a good chance that your HVAC system is working overtime and is expending more energy than would be necessary if the filter was clear. On average, having a clean and efficient filter can save between 5-15% of your electric bill, certainly enough to be a noticeable difference!


You Will Avoid Having Your HVAC Break Down!

One of the last things you want to be dealing with is a broken HVAC system in the middle of a heat wave during the summer. Changing your filter helps your HVAC live longer. How? The dirtier that your filter is, the more air is necessary to draw in, resulting in the system working harder. The more work that your system has to do, and the more energy that it expends, risks leading to untimely, although often avoidable, HVAC breakdowns.

In order to keep your HVAC system running clean, just remember to change your filters! If you live in your home full time, you should be changing out your filter every three months. If you own any pets that shed hairs, such as cats or dogs, you should change a minimum of once every two months, although in households with multiple pets, sometimes a filter change will be necessary around the four to six week mark.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

HVAC System Lifetime!

Your HVAC system is one of the most expensive parts of your home. Replacing an air conditioning unit tends to cost around $5,000 on average, while a furnace replacement costs about $3,000. Remember that running maintenance yourself is very inexpensive, simple, and will help not only with the effectiveness, but also the longevity of your system!


Cleaner Air!

The health of your family is directly impacted by the quality of the air you all breathe in. If you or someone in your household suffer from asthma, allergies, or other respiratory issues, or if you house elderly family members, then maintaining the air quality will be even more important.

If you do not change out your air filters regularly, you may experience some short-term effects such as irritation in the eyes, nose, and throat, as well as occasional headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. Long-term effects can result in much more severe illnesses, such as chronic respiratory illness or heart disease. Dirty filters needlessly risk the health of you and your family. The good news is that you can buy HEPA-rated filters specifically designed to block the most pollen, fur, and other allergens, allowing for easier breathing.

Maintaining your HVAC is not just easy, but also far more cost effective than waiting for something to go wrong. By keeping your indoor air quality the highest you can, you save money on heating and cooling costs, along with keeping the system running with far more efficiency. You will not just keep yourself and your family safe, but also be providing a more comfortable space to be living in![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

For More Information Or Help

If you’re experiencing prolonged problems with your HVAC system, and you can’t find the source, call Reddi Services today. Specializing in all matters of HVAC maintenance and repair, we will have your system back up and running in no time! Be sure to check out our Reddi Planned Maintenance program for even more benefits.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]