Don’t Let These Pests Damage Your A/C

While we experience the heat of the summer, nothing is more dreadful than the thought of our A/C unit shutting off on us. Make sure to give it regular inspections to protect from rodents and other pests.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Common Perpetrators Of A/C Damages

Almost any creature that can gnaw, crawl, build, or slither around your unit has the potential to cause serious damage, both inside your unit and in your home.

  • Rodents are capable of crawling into gaps as small as dime! Tending to favor small spaces, rodents will sometimes tear off the air duct material to nest with. They also tend to go for loose cabling laying around, such as electrical wires, power lines, and other components of your A/C unit.
  • While snakes do not intend to cause any harm, we unfortunately may see them nest inside the ductwork or even the condenser of an A/C unit. While they will not tear apart your unit the same way rodents will, snakes are often too large to safely sit inside and will usually result in death once the unit turns on, causing damage to the internal blades.
  • Insects such as termites, ants, and wasps may try to make a home for themselves in your unit. Insects that tend to pack mounds for nesting risk the chance of shorting out connections inside your unit. Other insects like wasps and bees may be problematic for those with allergies to stings.


How Accessible Are Air Vents To Pests?

Rodents are one of the trickiest pests for you to keep out of your ventilation as they are able to squeeze into any hole with the width of a small coin, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Interior air vents with angled or grid-styled openings that are smaller than a nickel will keep out most rodents. The places to watch for will be access to your intake vents and exterior air vents, where entry points tend to be larger, or in attic and crawl spaces. Be sure to keep any holes covered and properly maintained.

Even if you do not see any rodents, they can cause plenty of damage in the background. The droppings and dander from rodents cause allergic reactions in some people, and rodents are notorious for spreading disease and illness, through direct means and by infecting things such as food sources. If you notice a strange smell in your vents, check to be sure no rodents have died in your vents.


How To Start Pest-Proofing

Pest-proofing your A/C unit, along with entrances to your home, will keep you and your family safe, and ensure a longer lasting life for your A/C unit. In order to keep things working smoothly, we recommend:

  • Installing vent covers using mesh screens. This will help to keep out a variety of pests, including insects and rodents.
  • Seal air ducts that have openings via cracks, holes, and tears in the ductwork. Be sure to regularly inspect your air ducts, as the change in temperature and time can cause peeling.
  • Keep the area around your unit cleared, especially of any loose leaves, vegetation, or rocks that may have been kicked up. Buildup of debris can attract pests looking for a new home.
  • Cover air vents with mesh or screens to keep rodents and birds from nesting in around your ventilation.
  • Check for signs of moisture around your unit. Be sure that after any storms to check for still water by your unit, as it will not only attract pests but also risks creating the ideal environment for termites. Any irregular puddles should be inspected and sourced immediately.
  • Utilize pest control to stop infestations. Once an infestation starts, it can be hard to keep them at bay. Work out a plan with your pest control provider to prevent large amounts of pests from your home.


A/C Damage Prevention Routine

Make sure to have a regular inspection routine for your unit. Getting your unit serviced once a year will allow for your technician to identify any potential problems your unit may experience, including finding signs of pest activity. When it comes time to schedule a repair or replacement, do not push it off; the better maintained your unit is, the longer it should last you. Reddi Services specializes in all matters of A/C service and is here to assist you today![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]