6 Ways To Hide An A/C Unit

Want to keep your home looking stylish while keeping your A/C unit protected? Check out these ideas for covering your unit!

Many of us take air conditioning for granted. Even in areas that do not experience the heat like we do, nothing is better than walking into your home and being greeted by fresh, cool air on a summer day. Without it, your household would have a difficult time staying comfortable, even at night. That said, not all A/C units are nice to look at. While larger boxes tend to be quiet and efficient, they don’t exactly blend in to the landscaping. Here are some tips:

Plant Shrubs Around Your Unit

Plant shrubs by your A/C unit! While you need to keep them a minimum of two feet away for airflow, you can shape them and opt for taller shrubs that will grow to hide the unit. If you do plant shrubs, be sure to regularly check your A/C unit for leaves and debris that need to be cleared.

Build A Fence Around It

Just like adding shrubs, many homeowners choose to build fencing to surround their unit instead. The same rule applies to fencing as well – make sure to keep a distance of two feet from your A/C unit so you do not limit any airflow.

Decorate With A Nice Wooden Box

You can always opt to build a removable top for your unit. Long-lasting woods can be constructed with plenty of slats for air to flow through, and will be easily accessible for a technician to reach.

Utilize A Trellis & Plants

A solid trellis can add plenty of pizazz to an otherwise drab looking A/C unit. Both perennials and annual plants could be used with a trellis, depending on how you want the plants to blend in with the rest of your landscaping!

Build A Ventilated Shed Around It

While this option is a bit more of an investment in both time and money, it can be largely beneficial to homeowners with other pieces of equipment that may be considered bulky or eyesores, such as lawn mowers, pool equipment, and other landscaping supplies.

Build A Vertical Garden

Those with less space may appreciate the usage of a vertical garden. These gardens are perfect for those with limited space, or for people who are interested in vertical-oriented decorative plants. Long and colorful plants can be used near the top to droop down and hide your A/C unit!