Whether you’re dashing through the shower in a hurry or taking a well-deserved spa moment for yourself, your shower habits might be slowing your drain. Don’t worry – once you know what’s clogging your shower drain, you can clean up your act!

Hard Water – Minerals naturally occur in varying levels in water, but they can build up and corrode water pipes. Soaps don’t lather well in hard water, so you’ll end up using far more than you and your wallet would like.
Bar Soap & Bath Bombs – We like spa days as much as anyone, but bath bombs with glitter and cute foreign objects don’t mix well with hair, mineral deposits, and soap residue. Regular bar soap residue also tends to solidify as it passes through the drain and pipes.
No Drain Screen or Catcher – It doesn’t take long for the hair we all naturally shed to slip down an uncovered drain. Those strands of hair act like a net, ensnaring small pieces of soap, the tiny plastic razor cover that slipped out of your hand, and even tiny bits of shaved hair.

How to rinse without worry?
There are some simple things you can do to keep your drain free and clear of buildup. A water softening system helps tame hard water and reduces the amount of soap you use. Switching to a liquid body wash and installing a drain screen or a drain catcher will also help prevent clogs.

Clogged shower drains tend to cause problems when we’re at our most exposed and vulnerable. If your drain is clogging your shower style, call Reddi Services. For 65 years, we’ve been offering timely plumbing solutions, preventative maintenance, and drain cleaning to keep pipes running smoothly.