When you flush your toilet, you expect it to be an easy task, push the handle and walk away. No one wants to wait in the bathroom hoping that they are not going to have to flush again. When the flush of your toilet is too weak to do it’s job properly it can be annoying. It’s a waste of water and it can also be an embarrassing situation. Here are a few quick tips on getting your slow flushing toilet back to working like a pro. 

Check Inside the Tank

There are a couple items here that may be causing weak flow to the bowl. Firstly check that the flapper at the bottom of the bowl, connected to a chain. Is the chain too long and not allowing the flapper to open completely? Is everything connected correctly from the handle to the chain and then to the flapper? If the bar that the chain is attached to is not properly positioned, it could prevent the flapper from opening all the way. 

Secondly, check the water refill float or arm. If the arm or refill float is set too low, your tank will not fill with enough water to allow for a proper flush. Toilets are designed with a set amount of water required to work properly. Also make sure that they are not stuck due to hard water buildup or mechanical issues.

Check and Fix Clogs

These may not always be apparent as they are hidden within the trap or even the drain pipe. This can cause the water flow to be interrupted and slowed which will result in incomplete flushes.  One thing you can try is to plunge your toilet. Try using your plunger to see if you had a small clog that was causing the weak flush. After you do this, flush again and see if it changed the strength of your water flow. 

Clean Under the Rim

Mineral deposits under the rim can cause a slow flushing toilet. Water may flow too slowly to allow the toilet to work effectively. When you clean your toilet be sure to clean this area properly. If you suspect build-up or just want to make sure those jets are in tip-top shape, take some vinegar and an old brush and clean the underside of the rim where each of the jets are. 

Still Having Issues With a Slow Flushing Toilet?

If you have tried our tips or just aren’t sure about tackling this issue, Reddi Services is here for you. Give us a call today and one of our professional plumbers will be dispatched to help get your toilet or any other plumbing problems you may be having fixed right away.