Top Four Common Plumbing Mistakes

Keeping your home’s plumbing system working properly doesn’t take too much effort. With a common-sense approach to simple maintenance and timely repairs, your plumbing should stay in tip-top condition for many years. Accidents happen, but you can proactively reduce stress and repair costs by avoiding these top four common plumbing mistakes.

#1 Overlooking Signs of Trouble
Strange sounds or banging noises are blatantly obvious signs that something is wrong with your plumbing, but there are more subtle warnings that often come first. Slow drains, low water flow from faucets and showers, repeated clogging in pipes or toilets, decreased water pressure, and unexplained puddling in your yard or garden all need to be addressed right away.

#2 Tossing Scraps in the Garbage Disposal & Using the Toilet as a Trash Can
Food scraps, coffee grounds, oil, grease, and the little bits left on dishes all need to be scraped into the kitchen garbage can. Fruit peels, vegetable skins, and other organic scraps can be easily composted if you prefer not to toss them in the trash. Equally important is to toss used tissues, wipes, hygiene products, and paper towels into the trash can – never flush these!

#3 Overusing Harsh Cleaning Products & Drain Cleaners
Once in a while, minor drain clogs need a little chemical help to resolve, but repeated use of harsh chemicals can cause pipe corrosion and strip the finish off of fixtures.

#4 Making DIY Repair Mistakes
No one wants to end up in a flooded DIY Hall of Shame. Simple maintenance like tightening a water valve, installing a shower drain catch, or changing the toilet flapper is absolutely something you can do on your own, but most plumbing issues are best left to a professional plumber to avoid costly repairs or replacements.

When You Need Plumbing Help

Build-up, blockages, broken pipes, and back-ups are common plumbing mistakes that are largely avoidable with a few simple tweaks to your daily routine. When you suspect a larger problem, you need a professional plumber with expertise, experience, and the right equipment to get your system back in shape. Call the plumbing experts at Reddi Services for a complete inspection today!