Thanksgiving is right around the corner and getting everything ready can be a task. One area of your house that may not be high on your priority list is your bathroom. Making sure that this room is ready for your guests should be one of your top priorities, as any issues here could create an awkward holiday.

Here are a few tips that you can do to make sure your bathroom has no issues this holiday season:

  • Leaky Faucets – Besides saving water, fixing a leaking faucet can prevent damage that may be happening, especially if it’s leaking around the pipe. If you need assistance with fixing a leaking faucet, give us a call. We have skilled plumbing professionals ready to assist you.
  • Running Toilet – A toilet that won’t stop running wastes a lot of water and can usually be remedied quickly and inexpensively. Sometimes it’s as simple as a chain becoming snagged or a flap not sealing correctly.
  • Drain Cleaning – A slow drain can be remedied by taking a long pair of needle nose pliers and removing the build-up of hair and toothpaste that has accumulated around or below the stopper. It is often easier to take care of this by removing the stopper, cleaning out the pipe, and then replacing the stopper.
  • Faucet Aerators – Hard water can block the flow of water coming from the faucets in your home. If you clean them regularly, you will maintain your water pressure and also keep calcium and other minerals from building up.

If any of these tasks are outside of your comfort level, call Reddi Services. We are here to help with all your plumbing needs.