Have A Fear Of What’s Below Your Sink?

A lot of the time, finding your plumbing problems may not be entirely obvious, but with a bit of sleuthing you may be able to find the source of it yourself. Although you may think a ghost or ghoul is playing tricks on you, there is a good chance that foul odors around your home are due to one of these things:

– Drainage full of bacteria

– Clogged or broken garbage disposals

– Mold under the sink


We’ll start off by looking for one of the most prevalent causes, and one that can affect the health of everyone, including pets, in your home. Check around your kitchen and bathroom sinks for any signs of water leaks. This may include chipping paint, distorted coloring on your walls, or worse even is finding moisture trapped.

If you aren’t finding mold by your sinks, there is still one more place to check; your overhead space, such as an attic or storage space. If you find wet spots, dripping pipes, or plant and mold growth, you will need to get repairs made right away to prevent further damages in your home.

Broke Disposals & Bacteria

Another leading cause in a smelly home comes down to the one object that has the most food processed around it every day; your garbage disposal. Over time and lots of use, food particles and grease can build up inside the pipes and even around the blades of the disposal, which will not only affect how effective the blades work, but also cause some nasty smells to come through. We recommend you first plug your sink, fill it with hot water or a cleaning solution, and then draining it down while running the disposal. If you find this hasn’t helped, you can also try to sprinkle salt and crushed ice instead; the ice will break and move around to help clear any obstructions by the teeth.

Bacteria buildup makes for an awful space, especially when you consider that your food preparation is all done nearby. Nothing worse than losing your appetite to dinner because of particles that weren’t properly cleaned. Run some lemon or orange peels through the disposal once you finish your cleaning to help give a natural, citrus scent and remove the invasive smells!

What If This Doesn’t Solve It?

It may be time for you to bring in the professionals if these DIY tips don’t help. Sometimes the problem is bigger and needs trained technicians to take care of it, which is why Reddi Services is prepared 24/7 to come and help take care of the monster in your drains! Save time and get your home back to how you remember it, and let’s eliminate the source of bad odors from your home altogether.

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