Electric Water Heater Problem Red Flags

Most homeowners with an electric water heater can expect to see their water heater last around 8-12 years.

Most households depend on the instant use of hot water, from running the dishwasher to how often the shower is run. Despite how often we take our water heaters for granted, the moment one goes out can be very frustrating. Be on the lookout for these electric water heater problems signs of wear and tear.  They will help save you from a future headache.

1. Signs Of Rusty Water

Although it may be resistant to rusting, the truth is all tanks can and will have corrosion at some point. Rusty water should be immediately addressed, and likely stems from having corroded pipes. Be on the lookout for leaks, and make sure to have it taken care of swiftly.

2. Not-So-Hot Water

You paid to get a water heater, not a water warmer. If you realize that your water is on the cooler end, check your thermostat to make sure the temperature is around 120-140 degrees. If it’s set properly but still not producing truly hot water, you may have a broken heating element.

3. Odd Noises

Any loud noise coming from your water heater should be taken seriously. Normal noises include slight hissing when the temperature initially rises, but any clanking, banging, or other startling noise could be an indicator of sediment buildup. If you leave the sediment alone in your heater, you may soon be facing greater damages.

4. Leaks

The closer your water heater gets to the end of its life, the greater your chances are of finding leaks. Through the constant heating cycles, your water heater will start to deteriorate over time – usually starting as small cracks but eventually widening. Sudden repairs and replacements may be required, but you don’t have to subject yourself to needless leak repairs, or even worse with a full replacement. By having a simple maintenance routine, you can keep your water heater working smoothly for years and plan its eventual replacement well in advance.

Time to Repair or Replace?

If easy DIY maintenance isn’t helping, or if you notice a bigger problem, give Reddi Services a call today! We’re ready to diagnose and repair or make a replacement recommendation to fit your needs.