Septic Tank Pumping, Repair, Cleaning, and Installation in Phoenix Arizona

Septic systems require regular septic tank pumping & maintenance and common sense care to function properly.

If any foul odors, water backup, or standing water near the drain field are detected, it is important to call for a professional. Reddi Services is ready to answer that call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Emergency service is available; however, we recommend a routine inspection schedule to keep your septic system at peak performance. It is always a good idea to stay on a routine septic tank pumping schedule to avoid the system backing up or causing any issues. Depending on the number of people in the household and the size of the septic tank they should generally be pumped every 2-5 years. If it has been a while since your last service – give us a call!

Whatever your septic tank system needs, Reddi Services is the dependable, prompt, and affordable residential & commercial service provider.

Call Reddi Services for Septic Tank Pumping or Service at (602) 910-2451

Never Flush or Toss Down the Drain:

  • fat, grease, or oil
  • paper towels
  • coffee grounds
  • kitty litter
  • hair combings
  • bandages
  • cigarette butts
  • dental floss
  • disposable diapers
  • feminine hygiene products
  • condoms

Harmful Chemicals to Avoid:

Never flush any harmful chemicals including paints, varnishes, thinners, waste oils, photographic solutions or pesticides.

Signs of System Trouble

  • Foul odor suddenly become noticeable
  • Water or sewage backs up
  • Drains slow
  • Toilets gurgle
  • Standing water pools near the drain field

Why go with Reddi Services?

  • Prompt, Dependable, Affordable
  • Residential & Commercial Septic System Services
  • 24-hour Emergency Service
  • Maintenance, Repairs, & Installations
  • Fully Licensed, Bonded, & Insured
  • Your Partner in Septic System Maintenance
  • In Business over 57 years
  • Professional Staff & Equipment


Septic Tank Pumping Phoenix

For the Septic Tank Pumping experts in Phoenix, Arizona call Reddi Services. Our team is ready to diagnose and fix any septic tank problem you may be experiencing. From pumping and repair to installation, Reddi Services has you covered! We offer both Residential and Commercial Septic Tank Pumping services so give us a call today or request septic tank service online now!