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Water seeking roots, foreign objects, and debris buildup can easily break important pipes.

These areas need to be professionally cleared and repaired as soon as possible. Reddi Services technicians are trained in video camera inspection to locate problem areas. Once found, blockages are eliminated through use of rooter or hydro-jet machines. Because some lines are difficult to keep clear and free-flowing, Reddi Services recommends routine inspection and cleaning to catch problems before major damage occurs.

Plumbing problems, left untreated, can grow into much bigger problems. Reddi Services is here to help with any plumbing problem from a leaky faucet or toilet that won’t flush to a kitchen sink that is backed up. Trust our professional plumbing staff in Phoenix to come out and diagnose and fix the problem. Reddi Services offers Plumbing Repair and Service 24/7 in Phoenix and surrounding areas.

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Need your septic tank pumped or serviced?

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