Air conditioning maintenance in Phoenix, AZ is extremely important!

HVAC Maintenance is extremely important, especially in Phoenix, AZ, where triple-digit  heat can be punishing on even the newest AC system.

Ensure your air conditioning unit always works at peak efficiency by scheduling routine HVAC Maintenance with our experienced technicians. Our specialists take the time to explain what they are doing and why so you can rest assured your AC is ready to take the heat. No matter what your budget is, we offer a variety of affordable AC maintenance plans to meet your needs.

Our professional specialists ensure your air conditioning unit is working perfectly with a multi-point inspection checklist that includes, but is not limited to:


  • Inspecting fuses, wiring and all controls.

  • Checking the operation of your thermostat.

  • Cleaning or replacing your filter

  • Thorough visual inspection of HVAC

  • Inspecting disconnect

  • Checking amperage and voltage to motors

  • Inspecting blower and motor for buildup of dirt

  • Lubricating moving parts as necessary

  • Inspecting duct seal

  • Running and testing AC system

  • HVAC Maintenance


HVAC Maintenance Phoenix

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AC Unit maintenance is important, especially for those living in the Phoenix area. If you want to have your AC serviced or repaired before summer hits give us a call. Reddi Services HVAC Technicians in Phoenix understand how important cool air is. Schedule an HVAC Maintenance service call with us today!

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