Hard water contains more than just water – it’s filled with minerals and deposits of calcium, magnesium, iron, lead, and sulfur.

Water Softeners are designed to remove these minerals and deposits.

The deposits cause extra wear on appliances and plumbing fixtures, as well as soap scum and dry skin. Water softeners restore the balance to water by removing those minerals and deposits by using salt as a filter.

In the interest of protecting our customers’ plumbing systems and environmental comfort, Reddi Services regularly installs and provides maintenance for whole house water softening systems. We consider the water quality in the area, the number of people regularly using the plumbing system, and the overall size of the home or building when recommending a water softener. These systems improve water flow and plumbing system performance, reduce maintenance costs and damage to appliances, and boost the effectiveness of detergents.

Advantages of a Whole House Water Softening System:

  • Prevents damage to fixtures, faucets, pipes, & appliances
  • Reduces long-term appliance & plumbing maintenance costs
  • Eliminates overuse of detergents & protects the environment
  • Eliminates limp hair & dry skin
  • Eliminates soap scum, & scaly deposits on fixtures
  • Improves water flow throughout plumbing system
  • Increases water heater efficiency
  • Extends the life of fabrics & keeps whites whiter in the laundry
  • Keeps glassware sparkling & flatware shiny
  • Decreases the amount of shampoos, soaps, & detergents needed