Hot water is essential for comfort and health, whether at home or work

Hot water is essential for comfort and health, whether at home or at work.

It gets taken for granted — until it slows to a trickle or stops altogether. When the time comes to call for help, the skilled technicians at Reddi Services are ready to diagnose the problem and make recommendations to repair or replace a malfunctioning water heater. Hire the professionals and make sure your hot water heater service is done correctly.

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Routine maintenance schedules and services can be recommended when any necessary repairs are complete. Regular maintenance ensures a water heater operates at peak efficiency and extends the life of the unit. Reddi Services suggests routine maintenance such as: draining, descaling and flushing the tank and lines, insulating the tank, replacing or repairing valves, and adjusting the thermostat and pressure.

Reddi Offers Quality service:

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  • Comprehensive maintenance is the key for optimal water heater performance
  • Routine maintenance extends the life of a water heater & optimizes efficiency