Trenchless solutions

Sometimes a problem is identified via video inspection that cannot be resolved with a simple repair.

Instead, the technician makes the recommendation to replace the sewer line. Reddi Services offers comprehensive replacement options and guarantees all work. Our technicians specialize in evaluating which option is ideal for your situation.

One trenchless method uses a torpedo-shaped head attached to a cable — the bursting head is pulled through the existing pipeline, bursting it in place. Following the head, the cable pulls new pipeline through the old to replace with less damage and mess than with traditional excavation methods. Another trenchless method involves leaving the current pipeline in place and relining it. Trenchless methods protect established landscaping, trees, driveways, sidewalks, patios & other concrete structures, as they require only a few access points. Replacement or lining placement is verified with video camera feed, and all access points are filled in after replacement. Trenchless replacement is excellent for replacing older, decaying lines made of clay or cast iron.

Traditional excavation requires use of a backhoe to dig a trench which is later refilled.  In some cases, the traditional method is preferred and Reddi Services is capable of complete backhoe services. We make every effort to minimize scarring from traditional digging.

Our technicians will determine which replacement method is the best option for your sewer line replacement and will consult with you before any work is performed.

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