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Clogged or slow-running drains can be caused by a myriad of obstructions

There are many reasons that can cause you to need Drain Cleaning Service. Everyday hair, soap, grease, toothpaste, food debris, paper products, and even jewelry pieces or an occasional toy get washed down the drain. After time these cause buildup or clump together to form a blockage. Left unchecked, blockages lead to backups that can cause more than just a mess — broken pipes, mold, and ruined laundry or flooring are just a few of the costly potential damages. Before reaching for caustic liquids be aware that these often worsen the clog, pushing it further through the pipes where it can lead to more damage to pipes.

Reddi Services technicians bring a drain cleaning arsenal to every service call. Specialized tools, meticulous training, and our deep pride in providing superior service at all hours guarantee that your drains will be free flowing in no time. Your time and property are valuable and no one can afford to wait indefinitely for repairs – small problems can become big emergencies if left untreated. Reddi Services is ready to help.

Drain Cleaning Tips:

  • Limit grease & food in kitchen drains – the disposal is intended to help the small particles of food wash away, but all plates should be scraped over a garbage pail.
  • Only toilet paper is designed to disintegrate (septic tanks may require specific brands) – never flush paper towels, sanitary products, baby wipes, or makeup wipes.
  • Watch the tub/shower drain to be sure it drains quickly. Hair & soap can build up — call when you see slow drainage to avoid a big clog & overflow.
  • Wipe up toothpaste spills and stray hair immediately and toss in the trash to avoid a clogged sink.
  • If jewelry, or another object, falls into the sink, keep the faucet off and call immediately. Reddi Services has the tools and training to retrieve your valuables and keep the drain clear.
  • Never insert anything into a pipe or drain! This can push the blockage further into the pipe.
  • Drains with traps should be inspected routinely to prevent flooding. These are typically found in some bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements, garages & driveways, and even patios.

All drains empty into a sewer line, then lead to a city sewer lines or septic tank.

Clogs and overflow affect drainage flow. Water-seeking roots commonly cause breaks in the line — Reddi Services is ready to fix sewer line issues if they develop. Regular
maintenance of drains and pipes will prevent many issues, saving you time, money and avoiding a mess.

Drains are a part of:

  • toilets
  • tubs
  • showers
  • bathroom sinks
  • floor drains
  • laundry tubs
  • utility sinks
  • condensate pipes
  • standpipes
  • rain gutters
  • kitchen sinks
  • lavatory sinks
  • patio drains
  • french drains

Why Choose Reddi Services?

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