Designed to maintain water quality and keep contaminants out

Backflow Testing is designed to maintain water quality and keep contaminants out, backflow prevention devices are a key component in the effort to maintain safe water sources.

As with all mechanical devices, the moving parts of a backflow preventer can wear out — summer heat and winter freezing can affect the device’s integrity. State and city
regulations require annual testing to ensure drinking water stays clean and safe.

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Backflow is the unintentional reversal of flow in a potable (drinking) water distribution system, caused by backpressure or backsiphonage. Backflow regulators are required by law to be tested and repaired by a certified professional. Properly functioning backflows help protect the larger community from pollutants and health hazards. Water supply systems maintain a
certain level of pressure necessary for water to flow properly, in one direction, but if pressure suddenly falls or fails, contaminated water can be drawn back into the system source. This can happen if a water main breaks, pipes freeze, or due to an unexpected high demand of water. Without a backflow prevention device in place, contaminants such as fertilizers, waste,
sediments, and chemicals can quickly pollute the water supply and cause a number of high-risk health hazards.

Reddi Services is certified to test and repair all types and sizes of residential and commercial backflow prevention assemblies.

Our technicians are well-versed in domestic, irrigation and recycled backflow needs. Should a repair be necessary, a complete estimate of costs will be presented.