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Planned HVAC Maintenance is a Smart Investment

There’s angst aplenty on Wall Street these days but—on your own street, at least—one investment ALWAYS pays off: a little money spent on preventive HVAC maintenance turns into a lot of money saved. An ounce of prevention pays hefty dividends. That’s because preventive maintenance extends the life of your HVAC equipment and preempts potential breakdowns… Read more »

Fun Toilet Facts

Fun toilet facts are generally not something that you think of when you think of bathrooms. Bathrooms, and toilets specifically, generally serve one purpose. Although bathroom humor is a popular form of comedy, few people are familiar with some of the more fun and interesting facts about toilets. Here are some of the fun toilet… Read more »

Shocked by Your Electric Bill?

Reduce Your Energy Cost Comfortably! This summer’s extreme heat means our electric bills just might chill us to the bone. But don’t simply assume high cooling costs are the price we must pay to stay cool. True, we can’t control the weather—nor the fact that electric companies continue to impose rate increases year after year—but… Read more »